The American Tunnel Terrier has two jobs, first to be
an awesome vermin dog and second a wonderful
They do both equally well.

This little powerhouse between, 10 and 20 pounds, can
elimate your need for dangerous poisons around your
house, stable or kennel.

They also do well working in obedience having a
natural "want to please" attitude.

Cosmo at four months
Tweak, Cosmo's brother at four
Our American Tunnel Terriers are
registered exclusively with the American
Tunnel Terrier Association and come
with the same lifetime guarantee against
any genetic fault that our American
Bulldogs do.

HEAD:  Medium length, box-like when viewed from the front.  Rectangular when viewed from
the side.  Skull flat and widest at the ears.  Prominent cheeks with no wrinkles.  Head should
be prominent, but not overly so.  Should look powerful and quick.

MUZZLE:  Square, wide and deep.  Large jaws, should display great strength.  Bite should be
scissor to 1/4" undershot.  Muzzle should be 35% to 42% of the total length of the head.  
Should have a noticeable stop at the forehead.  Muzzle should be wider at the base and taper
slightly to the nose

EYES:  Round to almond shaped, any color except blue.

EARS:  Bat ears are preferred.

NOSE:  Wide open nostrils, black.

NECK:  Muscular, slightly arched.  Tapering from shoulder to head.

SHOULDERS:  Very muscular, side sloping shoulder blades.

BACK:  Medium in length, even from rump to withers.

HIPS:  Very muscular, pronounced muscularity.

STIFLES:  Should be well angled.

CHEST:  Deep brisket wide but not too wide.

COAT COLOR:  Any color except flat black or any blue.

WEIGHT:  Not important as long as structure is sound.  Any weight between 10 lbs and 20 lbs
for males, 8 lbs to 18 lbs for females.

HEIGHT:  10" TO 17"

Working dogs will not be penalized for broken teeth, cropped ears or docked tails, scars or
any other marks incurred while working.
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